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Dancing Goddess Designs

Who doesn’t love beautiful jewlery? Who can never have enough? Well, I know I can’t and I am constantly looking for and creating more pieces to add to the Dancing Goddess Design Gallery.

One constant through all the beautiful pieces I’ve seen, held or created is my love of seeing that special, one of a kind piece that brings a smile and a gleam in the eyes that appears when a Dancing Goddess Design has found its new owner!

All Dancing Goddess Design pieces are chosen or created to evoke the unique beauty of every “Dancing Goddess” within!

Vintage pieces are chosen with quality, boldness and beauty in mind. Created designs are inspired by colors, components and a love for all things beautiful.

Dancing Goddess Designs includes unique and gorgeous pieces, components, beads, materials and found objects, that provide a sense of uniqueness, beauty, whimsey, color and earthiness to the wearer.

Whether you purchase a vintage piece or a created design, all Dancing Goddess pieces bring out the goddess in you!

Isn’t it time you found your Dancing Goddess Design?





Dancing Goddess Designs Gallery


Boho, funky, artsy, down-to-earth, and vintage  earrings made of semi-precious stones, handmade beads, glass, mixed metals and found or repurposed objects for those goddess ears!


Statement pieces worthy of a true Goddess. From simple bespoke pieces to funky, chunky, fun art pieces, to vintage pieces, made or chosen to highlight your true inner beauty.


Playful art for your fingers. These vintage and playful rings will tempt the Goddess in you!


Chunky, funky, vintage and down to earth bracelets made of semi-precious stones, handmade beads, mixed metals and found or repurposed objects to adorn your arms.


From simple designed pieces to funky and chunky fun art pieces, made to highlight those dancing goddess feet, ankles and legs!

Storage Options

Custom upcycled storage options recreated for all your Dancing Goddesses Designed pieces.

Exclusive Collection

Dancing Goddess Designs
What I do

Bespoke Jewelry       Made With Love

Custom designed pieces made individually for the dancing goddess that lives in you.

Created especially for you, based on your personality, style and desires. From Boho to Traditional, I can create any style.

A Dancing Goddess needs to be enveloped in creations that are specifically designed to embody the whole person and personality!

Your choice of beads, metals, colors, materials will be created into a special one of a kind piece for your inner dancing goddess.

Custom Design

How Bespoke Design Works

Chat With Me

At Dancing Goddess Designs your satisfaction is guarenteed. Whatever you can imagine, I can make it for you or I can help you to design somehing you will cherish for a lifetime. Whether by email, message or phone you can contact me to discuss the creation of your dreams!

Bead and Metal Selection

A Dancing Goddess knows just want she wants to make her feel special. Choose from a large and varied selection of beads and materials. With a wide variety and selection based on your personality, preferences and supplies, at Dancing Goddess Designs the sky’s the limit!

Design Your Custom Piece

At Dancing Goddess Designs, I will create one of a kind pieces especially for your beautiful goddess self, or I can create a piece or pieces based on something you’ve seen or only dreamed about. At Dancing Goddess Designs it’s all up to you!

10% Discount For First Time Bespoke Design Customers

I offer a 10% discount to Bespoke Design ‘first time’ customers who want custom designed Dancing Goddess pieces.

Be sure to ask for the Dancing Goddess Designs Bespoke Discount if you are a first time customer!

*Not valid with other offers.