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Welcome to Dancing Goddess Designs, where you can discover and explore gorgeous ancient, antique, vintage & modern collectible adornments. And coming soon beads, findings, art, handcrafted products, upcycled objects and more!

We handpick jewels, beads, findings, handcrafted artisan items, art, beauty products and unique upcycled items to uplift your life.

Let us fill your world with all things beautiful, colorful and wonderful! Dancing Goddess Designs, for all the good things!

Come. Explore. Shop.

Dancing Goddess Designs

Come. Explore. Shop.






Clutches, Purses…

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Dancing Goddess Designs
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Dancing Goddess Designs

For All the Good Things

Ancient & Vintage

Many of our items are purchased directly from collectors and owners from around the world. We try, as much as possible, to provide complete and correct history with the collectible pieces we list. If you have further questions, please contact us.

Artists & Artisans

Dancing Goddess Designs loves to share all the artists and artisans that create and collect adornment, art, develop handcrafted goods or upcycled works that we find exciting, interesting and just plain wonderful. Supporting living Artists and Crafters who focus on reuse, recycling and handcrafting is very important. Supporting them supports us all!

Handcrafted & Upcycled

Dancing Goddess Designs knows that life is made better with beautiful, colorful, handcrafted and upcycled items and products to surround us and lift us up. Explore through our favorite artist’s work and handcrafted artisan products that we love. We think you will love them too!

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