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Barry Scanlan, Artist

One of my all time favorite self taught artists! Barry has the ability to put his own spin on many different art styles. His work is quirky, fun and thoughtful and his style is completely his own!

Many of my paintings are highly textured as I utilize acrylics, silicone, pumices and gels, recycled junk, as well as sand, clay and gravel from the land. Oil pastels, oil sticks, and house paints are also used.

An award-winning newer artist with artwork that is affordably priced and so fun to collect! Check out his website here Barry Scanlan Art and his latest works on Instagram here Barry Scanlan, the Artist. Also, support his Patreon here Patreon BarryScanlan, the Artist.

Check out Barry’s new artwork that is made with whiskey and get yourself some!

Anna West, Oil Painter

 Anna West is an amazing and trend setting artist who started her career in the 80’s as a photographer in NYC. She began her career as a painter in the late 90’s and has been in many galleries. Her work is evocative of the impressionists and her subject matter brilliant. She regularly shows her work in galleries.

Anna West was born in Reading, Pennsylvania, between Amish country and the coal regions. She took trains to Atlantic City and Philadelphia on her father’s train pass and mingled with nearby Pennsylvania Dutch. After graduating from nursing school and taking photography classes, she left Reading for San Francisco in 1980. While working in photo labs there, she photographed punk bands and eventually played in one herself. Late in 1984, she moved to New York City, the East Village first, then Williamsburg, where she published photographs in Brooklyn newspapers and exhibited in Williamsburg galleries. She started to paint with oils on canvas in 1999. In 2004 she moved to Beacon, New York. She paints daily, and when she travels, she paints on old book covers and scraps of canvas.

Her works are available here Ann West, Oil Painter, with her newest works here Anna West, Oil Painter. Her art is not only gorgeous but very affordable. get some today!

Sage Mueller, Intuitive Artist

Sage Mueller has been a creative artist since the early 60’s. She has dabbled in many genre’s, most recently acrylic abstracts. She works with energy and intuition to create one of a kind works of art.

Send me a message if you are interested in getting a piece of her art for yourself!





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