Very Special Small Tibetan or Mongolian Ga’u Box with Custom Bag


A wonderful small Tibetan or Mongolian Ga’u box. A portable shrine called Ga’u, containing original Tsatsa (also tsa-tsa, tsha-tsha, is a small scul;ptural votive offering used in Tibetan Buddhism.)  Ga’u boxes were worn by men and women in Tibet and in other parts of the Buddhist Himalayas as protective amulet cases. Usually, they were worn suspended from the neck. They would contain a variety of precious and protective items such as parchment inscribed with mantras, a small figure of a deity, and cloth perhaps from the robe of an esteemed monk.

The front Is made from white metal with embossed designs, the back is made from Copper . The container bag is made from felt and has a brass button to close it, which has a lotus flower detail. Very small and special.

weighs 54 grams

measures 5cm x 5cm

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