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Dancing Goddess Rings

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Daughter of Zeus, meaning “prime of life”! A delicious ripe basket of glass cherries and leaves to dazzle the wearer!
Price – $45



Goddess of youth and springtime. A basket of glass peaches and leaves to renew your fingers with playful delight!
Price – $45




Fearsome Goddess of the dead. Large clear blue glass beads conceal her spell. Chunky, funky for the not so faint of heart!
Price – $45



Goddess of love and beauty. Large pearls that entice and excite the fingertips. A bold, direct and playful statement piece!
Price – $45


A mixture of crystal and wood that defines the dicotomy that is woman. Glistening red crsytal paired with hand turned Afrikan wood beeds. Eye catching in the light!


Slinky dangles of brass, wood and copper. Down to earth , casual 

10% Discount For First Time Bespoke Customers

I offer a 10% discount to Bespoke Design ‘first time’ customers who want custom designed Dancing Goddess pieces.

Be sure to ask for the Dancing Goddess Designs Bespoke Discount if you are a first time customer!

*Not Valid with other offers.

Exclusive Collection

Bespoke Designs
Bespoke Design Gallery

“Dancing Goddess Designs have been adorning my Goddessy self for the past decade! I love each and every handcrafted pair of earrings and unique necklace and bracelet designs.

I plan on continuing to add more Dancing Goddess Designs to my growing collection of beautiful and whimsical jewelry, including an ankle bracelet or two in the near future!”

Sage Mueller

Sao Martinho do Porto

“I’ve acquired many pieces of jewelry through Dancing Goddess Designs…

I can say that not only do I feel beautiful and powerful while wearing these incredible jewels, I get more compliments and more inquiries then any other pieces I wear.

Sandy puts so much love, energy and effort into each unique piece she makes, you won’t be disappointed! Well-made, great quality and truly made with love.”

Tamara Butler


“Sandy’s Jewelry is as unique as she is. I love every piece she’s done for me.

Every time I wear something I’ve purchasd from her I get compliments and questions.

I often wear her pieces when I want to feel confident, matching the woman I am on the outside with the woman I know I am on the inside.”

Jayne Raso

New Orleans

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