This August will be a flurry with gem and bead fairs and lots of creating time with the big push before back to school! I spent an entire day at a photo shoot with my latest designs, It was really fun and I got a lot of good material to use, plus I learned an enormous amount from the photographer!

The bead fairs were exciting because there was a lot of new material that I haven’t seen before on the market. Many of the semi-precious stones weren’t completely polished to a bright shine. They were actually very dull haivng skipped the final polish. Its not only a more down-to-earth look (for those of you that like that kind of thing) but it opens up huge design possibilities that I’m looking forward to trying!

The photographer that did my latest shoot was so knowledgeable! Unfortunately what was forecast as an overcast day turned into a fully sunny and back-of-the-neck-burning day! It was wonderful nonetheless! He was was so patient and had some great suggestions. I look forward to attempting my next one with minimal help!

We are back to school early here for one of the twins so the month flew by with all the final summer vacation activities. I’m looking forward to cooling off in the Fall and look forward to slower and quieter days creating beautiful new designs for you all!

I’ll be back soon with some more pics from the bead fairs and my first ever photo shoot!

See ya soon!